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Planning Process

Introductory Meeting

The first step of the planning process is for us to introduce ourselves to you! We want to make sure we are a good fit for each other so we start by telling you about our firm, discuss what brought you to see us in the first place, and how we think about the market. We will go over your objectives and priorities so that we can begin to strategize with you how to achieve your goals. At this point we will also gather information about you so that our team can help you develop a plan.

Planning Development

After we have identified your current financial situation and objectives, our team meets and we analyze and develop a strategy unique for you. Since we do not have an allegiance to any specific investment or product, we research all the available solutions so that we can formulate a strategy that works best for your financial situation. Our research team is continuously reviewing market trends and investments so we are able to develop a well thought out and executable plan just for you.

Presenting Recommendations

At our next meeting we will present the plan our team has developed and review how it fits in with your objectives. We will review all investment recommendations in light of current market trends and explain what is involved in helping you reach your next financial level.



If we feel that we are a good fit for each other and you would like to partner with us, we will move forward with your personalized plan. Sandvold Financial Group prides itself on maintaining long term relationships with our clients built on trust and communication. We look forward to a long lasting partnership with you!

Evolving Your Plan

As time goes on, we recognize the importance of continuously monitoring your investments and objectives. We take a proactive approach in staying current with your life changes so that we can shift your plan when your objectives change. We also research market trends and will re-evaluate your plan and investments to make sure we are on the right track. In addition to our team of advisors, we also have a dedicated service team available for you to contact to discuss your plan.

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