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What Makes Us Different

Investment Philosophy
In a world that favors immediacy we find it important to take a longer term approach to analyze the way the world is changing. As we have seen many times over in our firm’s history, true change can take time, however it can present powerful opportunities. Our approach is to find the true underlying reasons as to why society is going through change, then break these changes into “thematic trends” we see as yielding investment opportunities. Our investment management committee looks forward to finding the next thematic trend and searching the world for the next opportunity!

Individualized Planning
Sandvold Financial Group provides planning based on specific needs for you and your family. We are an independent organization, therefore we bring an unbiased opinion and have no allegiance toward specific investments or investment organizations. As we have such a multitude of options available we are able to create individualized plans to better serve you and your financial goals.

Proactive Management
We know how quickly the market can change and, even more important, how your priorities can change. We take a proactive approach in managing your investments, ensuring you are kept up to date on our analysis of market trends and the economy and how those changes fit into your financial plan. Through our quarterly reviews we make sure we are up to date on your life and financial goals and can adjust your plan as needed.

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